Experts in Polymer Analysis & Construction Material Testing

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Planet Ecotech R&D is a key part of the current and future offering. The patent application was managed by the R&D division and the processes were trialled to ensure the environmental and commercial benefits were realisable. In addition to testing product produced by licensees, R&D will develop further solutions, waste into breeze blocks, roof tiles, hydroponic cultivation systems, irrigation systems, reusable e commerce packaging and eco devices.

On Site

Concrete Cube Sampling & Testing

We can carry out cube sampling and testing to British Standards BS EN 12350 and BS EN 12390.


Priding ourselves on our knowledge and experience within a broad range of industries, our dedicated team provide innovative solutions and services to the construction and research communities.


We employ an environmentally concious approach to everything to we do, from our day-to-day operations to our large scale circular economy projects.




Polymer Analysis

We offer a range of polymer analytical techniques at our state of the art research facility in Yorkshire.
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Our industry experts provide bespoke consultancy packages to suit our customers' requirements.

Construction Material Innovation

We facilitate the research and development of innovative construction materials, bringing your concepts to fruitition.

Construction Materials Testing

Our experienced construction technicians offer a broad range of testing to BSI standards, including on site sampling.



Our fully equipped laboratory offer a full range of construction materials testing and polymer analysis.  Our highly skilled team are ready to deliver quality and value for our clients.

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Experts in Polymer Analysis

& Construction Material Testing